TWO-STEP Music in a TEXAS Style

Stop the Truck - Photograph courtesy of Natalya Madolora Whether it's western swing, a Texas waltz, or a kick-ass rockin' rodeo anthem,
Stop The Truck fills the bill for any event.

Songwriters and featured vocalists Moe Monsarrat and Steve Carter combine masterful vocals and lyrics with one of the tightest rhythm sections around.

With long-time rhythm team Alan Moe Monsarrat and Miguel Unk Pankratz on bass & drums locked with Steve Carter's rock solid rythmn guitar and coupled with the magnificent guitar leads of Special Ed Ferguson ands Pat McCann, it adds up to a show rarely rivaled.

Amongst other musical projects, such as the Mau Mau Chaplains (Stop The Truck's reggae alter ego), Stop The Truck is regularly featured as the backing band for Texas songwriting legends Freddy Powers and Sonny Throckmorton.

From the US to Europe, Stop The Truck has long been an international Texas icon.


FREDDY POWERS is the bridge between Bob Wills and Willie Nelson. A master of western swing and Merle Haggard’s favorite songwriter and singer, he has the distinction of composing three number one country songs in a single year. But, unless one is a student of the “Hag”, and know his collaborations with Freddy, knocked around the Big D Jamboree back in the day, or is a fan of multi-instrumentalist Paul Buskirk (the man who taught Willie how to swing), or ever heard Willie’s platinum selling swing album Somewhere Over The Rainbow, or just stumbled upon the duo of Rogers and Hammerhead picking around the grounds of Luck, Texas, west of Austin, Powers may be a mysterious, somewhat elusive figure.

No More.

For six years, the band Stop The Truck - Steve Carter, Alan Moe Monsarrat, Miguel "Unk" Pankratz, "Special" Ed Ferguson, and Pat Mcann - has backed Freddy Powers in the studio and on the road throughout the United States and Europe. Now, they've taken it one step further, recording 17 Freddy Powers songs in tribute to their mentor, friend, and inspiration. Powers songs are lyrical and instantly hummable and two-steppable. The singing is smooth and sublime, like cool crooning should be. The swing and jazz is hotter than the Nashville police allow. That's Freddy Powers in a nutshell. It also pretty much sums up the album.

So, pop a top, put on your dancing shoes, hit the floor, and let 'er rip. Texas music doesn't get any better than this.

the Mau Mau Chaplains

Austin reggae institution and Stop The Truck alter/ego band.
Flamingo Cantina
Wednesday nights at the Flamingo Cantina
515 East Sixth Street, Austin Texas

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Stop The Truck alter ego the Mau Mau Chaplains will be playing the Austin Reggae Fest.

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Look for Stop The Truck and Freddy Powers at Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic at the Backyard, one of Austin's finest music venues.

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